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How to Iron a Dress Shirt in 3 Minutes

Ironing is a skill that no one really wants to learn but you should know how to do properly. It's a straightforward process but can be somewhat tricky if you have never done it. First, never iron clothes that are dirty or have stains. The heat from the iron will set...

How to Properly Shine Your Shoes Like a Pro

Shoe shining is a great skill that's not only simple but will save you money over the years. Whether you're headed to a wedding or simply another day in the office, shiny shoes will set you apart from everyone else as someone who knows how to properly take care of...

7 Ways to Make Men’s Dress Shoes Last Forever

Most of us consider our shoes the most valuable items in our closet. I mean they do protect the two most important body parts in our order for us to be mobile. So, don’t you think we should properly take care of our shoes since they have such a big job? I wouldn’t be...
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