How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot Necktie for Someone Else (Watch Video)

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The Half Windsor knot is a versatile knot that will work for any formal or professional occasion. It’s considered one of the most popular way of tying neckties. The Half Windsor is medium in size, nearly symmetrical and works best with a medium spread collar. It’s also best used with a necktie that has a medium to light fabric thickness.

Half vs Full Windsor

When it comes to tying neckties, the debate between the half windsor and the full windsor knot often arises. Despite its name, the Half Windsor knot is not actually half the size of the Full Windsor, but rather 75% of the size. This distinction might seem minor but it’s a better choice for taller men as it uses less of the necktie then the Full Windsor.

Because the half windsor knot uses less of the necktie compared to the full windsor, it not only ensures a balanced look but also prevents the tie from looking to short, which is a common concern for those with longer torsos. And of course, you can also learn how to tie a bow tie for someone else here.

This classic knot was created to simplify the steps of the Full Windsor knot. It became popular in the 1950’s amongst men in business. Men felt powerful wearing this clean knot.

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot?

If you are not sure how to tie a half windsor knot, do not fret as there is an easy method to do it that necktie-newbies can quickly learn.

Follow these step by step instructions to get the perfect Half Windsor knot:

  1. Drape the tie over your neck and adjust it until the wide end is longer than the narrow end.
  2. Cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end
  3. Bring the wide end around and behind the narrow end.
  4. Take the wide end over and through the opening near your neck.
  5. Wrap the wide end across the front of the thin end.
  6. Pull the wide end under and through the neck opening.
  7. Pull the wide end of the knot through the loop formed in the front.
  8. Finally, tighten the knot by pulling on the wide end while holding the knot until you’re satisfied with the look.

Your tie should rest between the top and middle of your belt line. If your tie comes up too short, then you will need to start over making the narrow end higher. Same goes if its to long, start over making the narrow end lower.

Should you choose the half-windsor knot over the full windsor knot?

The choice between the Half Windsor and Full Windsor knots ultimately depends on various factors, such as collar size, tie width, and personal preference also come into play. The Full Windsor knot, with its larger and more symmetrical shape, is often favored for formal occasions or when wearing shirts with spread or wide collars. On the other hand, the Half Windsor offers a versatile option suitable for both professional settings and casual outings. You can experiment on these tyles and see which of the two suits you best!

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