You’re headed into the office for a big presentation feeling confident and prepared. You go to the restroom to take a last-minute big breath and there you notice it. Shiny spots all over your trousers. You ironed your pants this morning so how could this be. What you don’t know is how to properly iron your pants, so those shiny spots don’t show up. Check out these steps to never have shiny spots again!

Part 1: Preparation

1. Make sure your pants are clean. They should be free from dirt and stains before you start to iron. Check the care instructions on the garment tag of your pants. It will say whether if its unsafe to use an iron. It will also say what heat setting to use when ironing your pants. Its safe to iron pants made from cotton, corduroy, denim, polyester, nylon and wool.


2. Always use an ironing board for best results. An ironing board makes it simple to smooth any wrinkles away. If you don’t have an ironing board use a table with a fire-resistant tablecloth.



3. Fill up the steam compartment on your iron with fresh water. The water creates steam as you iron which is super helpful in eliminating wrinkles.


4. Choose Your Desired Temperature Setting. Turn on the iron and adjust the temperature based on the material of your pants. A general rule to follow is low heat for synthetic fabrics, low to medium for wools and high heat for linen or cotton.

Part 2—Turn pants Inside Out to Iron

5. The Pockets. Each pocket is to be laid on the board flat and pressed. Wrinkled pockets can be seen through the fabric so its important to give them a quick iron.


6. Fly, Seams and Hem. Iron the fly area of the pants, then the seams and hem of the first leg. Go back and forth for a nice, flat finish. Repeat on the opposite leg. Then turn pants right side out.


7. Waistband. Slip the waistband around the ironing board’s narrow end with the fly facing the floor. Iron the waistband rotating it around the board as you go.


8. The Legs. Fold the pants lengthwise to line the legs up and lay on the board. Flip one of the legs up to iron the inside of the bottom leg all the way up to the crotch. Flip the leg back down to iron the outside of that leg. Repeat this step on the other pant leg.





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