How to Get an Accurate Dress Shirt Measurement (Watch Video)

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Did you know you only need to two measurements in order to determine your dress shirt size? Men’s dress shirt measurements go by your neck size and your sleeve size. All you need is a tape measure  and a friend in order to determine these measurements! Let’s get started. 

The Neck Measurement

Place your tape measurer flush around the neck closest to wear the collar of the dress shirt will be. Place three fingers under the tape measure at the point in which they meet. This will give you a comfortable and accurate neck measurement. Dress shirts will shrink when taken to the dry cleaners so its extra important to place those three fingers under your tape measurer.

The Sleeve Measurement

First you will want to bend your arm slightly at the elbow like you are looking at your watch. Place the tape measurer top center of the man’s back (closest to the vertebrae) and measure to the peak of the shoulder taking note of that measurement. Next measure from the peak of shoulder down to the elbow. Then to elbow down to wrist bone. Add all three measurements together to get your correct sleeve length.

If you do not have a friend to properly measure you for a shirt check out your local men’s clothing store so that you can get properly measured before buying any shirts. Wearing a proper dress shirt size is not only comfortable but attractive and shows that you care about the way you look. 

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