Ironing is a skill that no one really wants to learn but you should know how to do properly. It’s a straightforward process but can be somewhat tricky if you have never done it. First, never iron clothes that are dirty or have stains. The heat from the iron will set the stain permanently and you will be left with a dirty ironed shirt. Check these simple steps to have your dress shirt ironed in under three minutes!

1. Dampen It

Remove collar stays before ironing. It’s best to iron when your shirt is freshly washed and still slightly damp. If it is dry, then use a spray bottle to lightly dampen the shirt. Your iron may also have a spray feature as well.

2. Collar and Cuffs

Make sure your iron is at the proper temperature. Select the cotton setting. Cotton requires a hot iron to produce plenty of steam. If not hot enough it may not get all your wrinkles out.

Start from the point of the collar and move inwards on the collar.

Now for the cuffs, iron the inside of the cuffs to get the main creases and then start from the outside. Once you have done both, fold the cuffs over and press them and give a pleat.

3. Yoke and Back

Start with the yoke (section that covers back of shoulders). Fit the shirt onto your iron boarding. Iron the yoke starting from outside and move inwards. Carefully press down any pleats. Iron rest of back of shirt using plenty of steam to get any creases out.

4. Front and Placket

Once the back is free of creases rotate your shirt on the board to the front. Iron the front and apply steam and pressure to the placket. The placket is the buttons and buttonholes. Apply steam and pressure. When the first side is done rotate the shirt around and do the other side. Press between the buttons using the tip of the iron.

5. Sleeves

Lay out the sleeve on the board. Use the seam to make sure its flat before pressing it. Repeat process with other sleeve.

Tips: Stick it on a hanger for ten minutes prior to putting it on for the day.
Starch will make your shirts look more formal.




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