How to Iron a Dress Shirt in 3 Minutes (Watch Video)

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Ironing might not be everyone’s favorite task to learn, but it’s an essential skill worth mastering. It’s a straightforward process but can be somewhat tricky if you have never done it.

Check these simple steps to have your dress shirt ironed in under three minutes!

Part 1. Preparation and Iron Setting

Before you iron a shirt, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

  1. Never iron clothes that are dirty or have stains. The heat from the iron will set the stain permanently and you will be left with a dirty ironed shirt.
  2. Remove collar stays before ironing. This is so you can avoid damaging the collar of the shirt.
  3. It is best to iron when your shirt is freshly washed and still slightly damp. If the fabric is already dry, you can use a spray bottle to lightly dampen the shirt. Some irons have a spray feature as well so you may as well check for this.

Setting up the iron.

Different fabrics require different levels of heat to get rid of wrinkles without damaging the material. This is the reason why setting the iron to the right temperature is important. For instance, cotton shirts require a hot iron to produce plenty of steam.

If the iron is too hot for the fabric you’re ironing, it can burn or scorch the fabric, leaving unsightly marks or even holes. On the other hand, if the iron isn’t hot enough, it won’t effectively smooth out the wrinkles. So, choosing the right temperature setting ensures that your clothes look neat, crisp, and well-pressed without getting damaged in the process.

If you are unsure what the right temperature should be, you can check the shirt’s label for specific instructions on how to properly iron a shirt.

Part 2. Steps on How to Iron a Shirt

1. Collar and Cuffs

Iron the collar starting from the pointy ends and moving towards the center. This helps to flatten out any wrinkles.

Once the collars are done, you can now move on to the cuffs.

Begin by ironing the inside of the cuffs first, then move to the outside. Afterward, fold the cuffs over and press them with the iron to create a neat pleat.

2. Yoke and Back

Place the yoke (this is the section that covers back of shoulders) onto your iron boarding. Iron the yoke starting from edges and move inwards towards the center. Carefully press down any pleats.

Iron the rest of the back of the shirt using plenty of steam to help remove any stubborn creases and wrinkles.

3. Front and Placket

Once the back is free of creases, rotate the shirt to the front. Iron the front and apply steam and pressure to the placket. The placket is the buttons and buttonholes.

When the first side is done rotate the shirt around and do the other side.

Press between the buttons using the tip of the iron to ensure that they lie flat and neat.

Note: Do not iron over the buttons. Doing so can damage them or cause them to break off.

4. Sleeves

Lay the sleeve flat on the ironing board, making sure the seam is smooth and flat.

Use the iron to press the sleeve, starting from the shoulder and moving towards the cuff. Repeat the process for the other sleeve.

Additional Tips:

  • Stick it on a hanger for ten minutes prior to putting it on for the day.
  • Consider using starch. Starch will make your shirts look more formal.

If you’re just starting to learn how to iron your clothes properly and would like to learn more, you can check out our other post on how to iron pants.

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