Keeping your shirt tucked in throughout the day can be an aggravating task. Sitting, bending, getting in and out of the car, reaching for an item results in our nicely tucked shirt turning into an unpolished disaster. And the worst part is that it happens numerous times a day! There are ways to keep that shirt tucked in though. Check out this list and never again will your dress shirt look like a rumpled mess!

1. Traditional Shirt Stays

Shirt Stays are the most popular option when it comes to keeping your shirt tucked in and are best described as inside shirt suspenders. They attach via clip to the top of your dress sock and then with an elastic band attach to bottom of your dress shirt. These are regularly used by military or police officers. Not only do they keep your shirt tucked in but your dress sock from falling.

Pros/Cons: shirt will not ride up or come untucked, unattractive

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2. Tuck Your Shirt into Your Underwear

This may not be the best option, but it will work and its free. Use only when you are wearing an undershirt. Tuck your undershirt into your underwear and your dress shirt into your trousers. This prevents your undershirt from pulling up your dress shirt. Do NOT tuck your dress shirt into your underwear. No one wants to see your briefs rising up over your trousers!

Pros/Cons: free, raise your arms and your undies will show

3. The Military Tuck

This tuck works best with shirts that have a lot of material. Tuck in your shirt as you would do normally but before zipping up trousers, take a side and grip the access material with your thumb and forefingers. Pull out as much material as needed, then tucked the excess material in and behind, before folding the shirt back on your body. You should now have 2 crisp folded pleats which will be kept in place by your belt.

Pros/Cons: free

4. Elastic Belt Shirt Stay

This belt grips both the shirt and pants, holding your shirt tails down and your pants up! This is a good option for both men and women. 

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Pros/Cons- great for men and women

5. Magnets

Using two magnets place one the lower outside seam of your shirt and other magnet on the inside of your shirt

Pro/Cons: cheap, could easily lose, other magnets could attach

6. Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape is a great trick to add the waistline. It will add friction between the shirt and pants helping to keep the shirt in place.

Pro/Cons: cheap, tape could come undone

7. Choose a Shirt that Fits You Properly

Choose shirt with long shirt tails—rear needs to cover your bum.  Make sure there is a small armhole fit—needs to fit tighter but still comfortable. 




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