DIY IT or BUY IT: 7 Hacks to Keep Your Dress Shirt Tucked (Watch Video)

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Keeping your shirt tucked in throughout the day can be an aggravating task. Sitting, bending, getting in and out of the car, and reaching for an item can result in our nicely tucked shirt turning into an unpolished, sloppy disaster! The worst part is that it can happen numerous times a day depending on the length of your shirt, the shape of your body, and the size of your pants.

There is more than one way to keep your shirt tucked in, though and we’ll share them with you in this article! Check out this list and never again will your dress shirt look like a crumpled mess…

1. Traditional Shirt Stays

Shirt Stays are the most popular option when it comes to keeping your shirt tucked in and are most easily described as “inside-the-pants shirt suspenders”. There are many different styles:

  • Y Style Shirt Stays – These consist of pieces of elastic sewn together in a Y-shape. One end has 2 clips that attach to your dress shirt under your pants. The other side has 1 clip that attaches to your socks. You probably need longer/tall socks to clip these most effectively. Shirt Stay Plus is a company that sells shirt stays, but they also offer a special type of long sock designed specifically for Y-Style shirt stays. They’re pretty cool. Talk about niche!  Grab your Y Style Shirt Stays here.
  • Loop Style Shirt Stays (also known as Stirrup Shirt Stays) – These guys are very similar to the Y Style Shirt Stays except the bottom clip isn’t there and the end is folded over and sewn into a loop. This is so you can put the loop around your foot inside your shoes. This will ensure your socks will not get stretched out at all and you won’t have to worry about a clip coming undone from the bottom. Buy loop style shirt stays on Amazon.
  • Garter Style Shirt Stays – These are a little newer. The garter style shirt stays click 2 or 3 times to your dress shirt like the other shirt stays and the other end wraps around your leg and stays in place by the width of your thigh. You can find these on Amazon.
  • Belt Style Shirt Stays – We’ll talk about these more further down on the page. You can buy them here.

They attach via a clip to the top of your dress sock and then with an elastic band attached to the bottom of your dress shirt. These are regularly used by military or police officers. Not only do they keep your shirt tucked in but your dress sock from falling.

Pros:  Your shirt will not ride up or come untucked. You can usually find them under $20.

Cons:  If anyone saw you without your pants on in a locker room or elsewhere, they’re strange to people that don’t know what they are and they may be unattractive.

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2. Tuck Your (Under) Shirt into Your Underwear

This may not be the best option, but it will work and it’s free. We recommend you use this tucking your shirt into your underwear only when you are wearing an undershirt so it will stick better. Simply tuck your undershirt into your underwear and your dress shirt into your trousers. This will prevent your undershirt from pulling your dress shirt up and out. Do NOT tuck your dress shirt into your underwear. No one wants to see your briefs rising over your trousers!

Pros:  Save money because it’s free. We like free!

Cons:  If you raise your arms, your underwear could show and embarrass the heck out of you!

3. The Military Tuck

This tuck works best with shirts that have a lot of material. Just as you usually would do, tuck in your shirt into your pants but right before zipping up pants, take a side and grip the excess material with your thumb and forefingers. Then, pull out as much material as needed. You should then be able to tuck the excess material in and behind, before folding the shirt back on your body. You should now have 2 crisply folded pleats that will be kept in place by your belt.

Instructions on how to use the Military Tuck

Image Source: Soulusi –

Pros:  It is free to do!

Cons: It’s a bit difficult getting it right the first few tries and may not hold very long if you don’t tighten your belt well.

4. Elastic Belt Shirt Stay

Belt shirt stays are awesome! This belt has a strip of slightly sticky silicone and it grips both the shirt and your pants. The belt shirt stay holds your shirt tails down and your pants up at the same time! This is a great option for both men and women – and you can wear them with shorts too!

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Pros:  You can wear them with shorts. They’re great for men and women.

Cons:  They may be more likely to come untucked than traditional shirt stays.

5. Magnets

First, you’ll need two small yet strong magnets. Using the two magnets, place one of them on the lower outside seam of your shirt and the other magnet on the inside of your shirt. This should help hold your shirt down for a short period of time.

Pros:  They’re cheap and don’t cost much. You may be able to use the magnets for something else another time.

Cons:  You could easily lose these. You could mess up your phone screen if they accidentally touch. Other magnets or metal could get attached by accident.

6. Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is a great trick to add the waistline. It will add friction between the shirt and pants helping to keep the shirt in place. Sometimes these types of tape can wear out/lose their stickiness over time so make sure you have some fairly new tape and that you change it out each time you wash your pants.

Pros: A fairly cheap option for a quick fix.

Cons:  The tape could come undone unexpectedly.

7. Choose a Shirt that Fits You Properly

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a shirt with a long shirttail. Otherwise, it will be tough to keep your shirt tucked in. The backside of your shirt rear needs to cover your behind. Make sure there is a small armhole fit—Your shirt needs to fit tighter but still be comfortable.

Pros:  Your shirt will stay tucked in.

Cons:  You’ll worry about finding hacks for tucking your shirt in.  It takes a little extra time to try on multiple styles and brands of shirts.


We hope you found these 7 Hacks to Help Keep Your Shirt Tucked In useful and hope you stay to look around at other related articles. If you have any questions, please email us at Please leave a comment below and let us know if you have any other good men’s clothing hacks!

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