How We Pay the Bills

Wardrobe Hackers is owned by Vocational Media Group, LLC. On occasion, Wardrobe Hackers may feature products that are manufactured and sold by brands we are an affiliate partner for. We make every effort to specify this when discussing these products.

Additionally, Wardrobe Hackers also runs paid advertisements, sponsored posts and participates in affiliate programs in which we may earn compensation if you click on a certain link, buy a certain product, etc. Specifically, we are an Amazon Associate affiliate partner and may earn a commission when you purchase products on Amazon through links on our website.  Again, we strive to make this completely transparent.

It’s About Integrity & Reputation

While we may earn income when you click a certain link or buy a certain product, this does not mean all products or brands we endorse are part of a sponsored arrangement. It’s our approach to simply tell you which products and brands we love, whether we earn a fee from it or not.

When you read an article on our site or follow one of our how-to videos, you are placing your trust in us. We don’t take that lightly. We promise to give you the honest scoop in everything we write or talk about. We won’t sell out for a product we don’t believe in 100%. We know if you can’t trust our advice, then we’ve got no following and no reputation and thus no point in running this website.