6 Tips for Packing Your Carry-On More Efficiently (Watch Video)

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Packing…no one enjoys packing! The airlines and all their rules on weight limitations, plus how big your bag can be, make packing even worse and super stressful for many. No matter if you are going for a few days or a long trip it’s not easy. Packing efficiently the standard carry- on bag should be able to provide you with enough clothes for 4-5 days. So, I’ve come up with some helpful tips to get you packing in no time plus through airport security without having to give up a shoe, so you pass that weight restriction.

Let’s get started!

1. Plan around your shoes first

Shoes tend to be the bulkiest item and how you pack them can have a big impact on how many other items will fit in your carry- on. Try to limit the number of shoes you bring to three pairs wearing the heaviest on the plane. Sneakers are usually a must for everyone so pick two other pairs that you know you will need. If you must bring boots, then definitely wear those on the plane because not only are they heavy but large.


You can stuff socks, phone chargers or any other small items in your shoes to allow more space for other items in your bag.

2. Try Using Packing Cubes

Packing cubes organize your items by allowing you to pack the same items together. Shacke Pack makes a 4 set of travel organizers, plus a laundry bag, for all your dirty clothes. These organizers will help keep your clothes more wrinkled free and not get crushed during travel. Plus you can only fit so much into them!

3. Choose the Best folding technique

There are two main folding techniques you can utilize: the traditional fold and the rolling fold. Use the traditional fold for clothes that wrinkle easily such as dress shirts and trousers. Fold these garments along the seams to keep them neat and compact.

The rolling fold should be used for tops, dresses, skirts, pajamas, etc. Fold the garment once vertically and then roll from one end to the other.

4. Wear your heaviest items on the plane

Coats, heavy shoes or sweaters should be worn on the plane to free up more space for more items in your carry on. If you are headed to a cold destination and you pack a coat in your carry on, then you are not leaving much space for anything else. You can wear those larger items on your flight plus you will stay warm since most planes are chilly.

5. Mix and Match Your Wardrobe

Make sure you to pack interchangeable outfits. Choosing pieces that all go together well will give you many more outfits then choosing only pieces that go with one piece. A good example of this is packing only a pair of jeans and black pants plus multiple tops that will go with either. You can check out a capsule wardrobe to get ideas!

6. Minimize Your Liquids

Liquids such as lotions, shampoo, and body should be put in TSA approved bottles. DO not try to put a large shampoo bottle in your bag! You can purchase this 9 pack of TSA approved containers to put all your liquids in. They are reusable and refillable!

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Erin @ Wardrobe Hackers

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