How to Fold a Dress Shirt – The Easy Way (Watch Video)

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Dress shirts with collars look their best hung up, but when it comes time to travel, folding them is inevitable. Business travel relies on a professional look. Folding your shirts properly for travel will minimize the wrinkles that develop in your luggage a long the way.

1. First, folding a collared shirt starts off with making sure all the buttons are buttoned up on your collared shirt.

2. Lay your collared shirt face down, with its back facing up on a flat hard surface. Fold in the long-sleeves one at a time.

3. Make sure to take each cuff and fold them up as well. Smooth out any wrinkles that may form as you fold.

4. Then fold in both sides of the shirt towards the center.

5. Lastly draw the botton of your shirt up in thirds towards the collar.

Your collared shirt will be tightly folded and most importantly, the collar will stay in shape!

To avoid wrinkles you can bag your shirts in plastic bags. Plastic limits the amount of friction created between two objects, so limit yourself to one shirt per bag.

Also limiting the amount of time the shirt is folded is helpful to reducing wrinkles. Pack your collared shirts last in your bag and right before you leave. Once you arrive to your destination, hang your collared shirts up to help eliminate any wrinkles formed during travel.

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