How to Dress for Jury Duty – For Women – The Dos & Don’ts

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Have you been chosen for the dreaded jury duty? If so, what to wear is one of the most important things on your to-do list and can be extremely tricky. Being in a courtroom can be overwhelming and among the responsibilities that come along with the duty, one of them is respecting the dress code.

You want to dress in a way that impresses everyone around you. You will be surrounded by attorneys, judges, and witnesses. Everyone is going to have their eyes on you. How you dress will vary according to the objective of your court meeting. Since you already have a whole lot on your mind for that important day, we are here to make your job easier!

Your outfit should be business casual or formal every day. Whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable wearing it. A stylish outfit is no use if it is not something you are comfortable in. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind when getting ready to go to a courtroom:

how to dress for jury duty


  • Add lots of whites, blacks, and browns to your wardrobe. Dark colors will ensure a more sophisticated look and make you look more professional.
  • Choose a formal or business casual attire – such as black pants, suits, nice tops, business dresses that go below the knee. You need to look your best for jury duty!
  • Button-down shirts and blazers are perfect for jury duty.
  • If you’re stuck on which shoes to wear, go for heels or a nice loafer.
  • Simple Jewelry and a small handbag add extra sophistication to your outfit. Don’t get too flashy with your jewelry as you’re not the center of attention as a jury member.
  • Wear shift dresses that go to the knee or below so you’ll be comfortable during your long sit times you may experience.

how to dress for jury duty women


  • Avoid wearing funky colors because you don’t want to stand out. Going to participate in jury duty is more of a ‘try to blend in’ situation.
  • Say no to casual clothing such as tees, shorts, and ripped jeans. A courtroom is not the place to look casual or ragged! Your friends will be waiting for you where you can change into those casual clothes later.
  • Try not to expose too much skin – stay modest. This isn’t the time to show off and you could get told to leave if you are not dressed appropriately.
  • No unnecessary accessories such as baseball caps, hats, or flashy jewelry. Again – you don’t want to stand out in the courtroom and be a distraction. The judge and officers need to have full attention to their work while you’re there.
  • Flip flops and sneakers are a big NO. Wearing tennis shoes to a courtroom is not acceptable and will not be appropriate. Try some nice black dress shoes instead.
  • Do not select anything with an offensive slogan or statement. Your nice dressy clothes should not have big words on them anyway!
  • Do not wear any short dresses or skirts. Remember the goal of the event. It is to help the judge decide on how to make their ruling. It is not to show off your legs!

how to dress for jury duty women

We hope you found these tips on what to wear to jury duty helpful! If you have any questions or other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. As always, make sure to share with your friends and like us on Facebook!

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