We all have favorite colors that we love to wear. Did you know that the colors you wear says a lot about your personality and emotions? Subconsciously we are drawn to certain colors which experts have said says a lot about what type of person we are. Let’s look at what message your dress or shirt color is sending to the world!


A very popular choice amongst men and women. Wearing blue says you are a loyal and confident. It also represents peace and success. Navy blue is the go-to color for job interview. By wearing navy blue, you are saying that you have a sense of being “in control”.


The color we most often link to love. Wearing red indicates that you are strong willed, energetic, outspoken and passionate. People who wear red are risk takers and love attention.



The color of happiness and positivity. Most people who wear yellow are always laughing, vivacious and fun to be around. Wearing yellow is also said to improve concentration which is why you see the yellow notepads.


You are soft and serene. It says that you have a soft heart and very caring. Green has a soothing and comforting effect on people. Most people who wear green are environment conscious and appreciate greenery.


The color of power, elegance, luxury and leadership. Black is a great color for the workplace for all these characteristics. However, be careful to not wear to much black because it can give off that you are cold and unapproachable. Add some accessories or an accent color to break up the look.


Indicative of pure, innocence and optimism. Wearing white indicates you are reliable and have an optimistic outlook on life.


The color of royalty stands for sophistication, wealth and luxury. Most who wear purple are creative, charming and have a love for the arts.


You have a soft, comforting and affectional personality. You are someone who values kindness and comfort.


You are energetic and bubbly. You may also be the life of the party. Not everyone can pull off orange, so you are different from most in a good way. Orange is warmth and friendliness.


The color of earth and nature. Wearing brown says that you are steady and dependable. It portrays a reliable, smart and rational person. Brown is also effective in promoting communication between people.