When one thinks of wearing bow ties, they think of events such as a gala, a ball, or black-tie wedding. However, bow ties have become much more common for less glamorous affairs. Some men have even replaced their ties for a bow tie. Bow ties first entered the scene in the beginning of the 19th century as a new style of necktie. By the mid 1880’s, the bow tie was a staple in the more affluent man’s wardrobe.

The tradition of wearing a knotted piece of fabric around a man’s neck dates back to 17th century. The Croatian soldiers of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) were one of the first documented to wear the necktie, which they used to keep together the collars of their shirts. After the war, French soldiers brought the look back home and by the 1700’s upper class had adopted the necktie as a fashion staple in a man’s wardrobe.


Bow ties crossed gender lines into women’s wear in the 1920’s and 30’s when adorn actresses such as Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich wore spotted wearing them. This paved the way for woman wearing masculine attire such as top hats, button down shirts, tailored suits and of course the bow tie.

Tying a bow tie is easier than you think! I found this bow tie and pocket square for on  fuoWhether you’re tying for someone or on yourself check out these super easy steps!


1. Make sure the back of the tie is adjusted to your neck size. Here’s how to get your neck size if you don’t know how Get Your Shirt Measurement.

2. Drape the bow tie around neck. One side should be laying lower (2-3 inches) then the other side.

3. Cross both sides and tuck the longer end up and over to create a simple knot.

4. Drape the longer end over your shoulder. Fold the shorter end into the shape of bow pinching it against your neck.

5. Move the longer side from shoulder over the bow. Pull the two ends of the bow and hold them together.

6. There will now be a loop behind the bow near your neck. Fold the middle of the longer end of the bow tie and push it through the loop.

7. Pull the folding ends until you are satisfied with your bow. It won’t look great at first but as you keep pulling and shaping the bow it will look awesome!

A self-tie bow tie will never be perfectly symmetrical which is part of its charm!




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