Top 10 Fall 2019 Accessories that are Must Haves

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Who doesn’t love accessories?? I mean, right? I love adding accessories to my wardrobe! Just like changing from t-shirts to sweaters, accessories also change during specific seasons and times of the year. I’ve come up with the best and most popular accessories that you need to add to your closet now. Check out my amazing fall accessories and essential must haves!


1. Velvet Headbands

Oh, yea bring back the 80’s! Velvet headbands are super in style this season! Check out this adorable 6 piece set and for under $13.  Not only can you wear them with any outfit, but you can share if you have daughters. I love the cross knot on top to add style and dimension!


2. Cashmere combs for your sweaters!

This seriously is a must have for the colder months! Sweater combs are amazing little gadgets that always keep our sweaters looking fresh and new. You must get the combo pack from Comfy Clothiers! Not only do you get the comb for cashmere/wool but one for multi fabric as well! The plastic combo pack is going to be under $13 and the cedar pack is under $15!


3. The cool Fanny Pack

Yes, the fanny pack is back! I own this one and have to say its so adorable! Perfect for carrying to any fall festival, concerts or for shopping. Its lightweight and easily fits in your belt loops to carry around your waist. This is the ultimate stylish fanny pack and its under $20!


4. Dainty Hair Clips

Dainty hair clips are really making a comeback! They aren’t just for young girls but women too. They add a pop to any hair style no matter if your hair is long or short. They seriously look good on anyone! Add it to the side of your hair to hold a few pieces back. Making a soft braid and adding one is also a great look!


5. Vintage Scarves

Vintage scarves can be worn many ways! Obviously, they look great around your neck, tied in your hair and even tied on a purse. It’s such a classic accessory that has been around so long! I found this adorable one off Amazon and for under $7. Plus it comes in tons of colors and patterns! Can you believe that? It seriously looks so expensive!


6. Handmade Leather Earrings

Yes, more animal print! These lightweight earrings are perfect to add to any solid color top and jeans you may be wearing. Four pairs of earrings for under $9 is just to good to be true! This would make the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday who celebrates in the Fall. Absolutely love these! 


7. Bohemian Tassel Necklaces

Bohemian inspired tassel necklaces are a great add to any Fall outfit! I found this AMAZING deal on four necklaces for under $15. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid around $20 for just one! These look great with a dress, sweater or blouse! You will be sure to get many compliments 😊


8. Oversized Leather Tote

An oversized tote in the cooler months is great for throwing a cardigan or your gloves in! There is plenty of room to stuff all your goodies in there plus your wallet, kid snacks and whatever you else may need. I found this super nice leather one for under $50!! Can’t beat that price!


9. Extra Sticky Lint Rollers

The perfect accessory for your oversized purse is going to be a lint roller! I get so much lint and dog hair on my fall and winter jackets that it really drives me crazy. Throwing in a lint roller in my purse will do just the trick!

10. Statement Belts

Statement belts are totally in right now! They can show off your hourglass shape when paired with a sweater dress or be draped looser for a more casual effect. Overall, it’s a must have for your fall wardrobe! I love this one with the gold accent piece and because its under $15!



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