How to use a Sweater Comb

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It’s that time to break out your cashmere or knitted sweaters from last year to embrace the colder weather! If you’re like me this is exciting for you because its like having a whole new wardrobe again. Sweaters that we haven’t seen in months are back hanging in our closets. Ahhh so happy! However, you notice that a lot of your sweaters are full of pills and aren’t looking as fresh as you may have remembered. You must have forgotten to clean your sweaters from when you wore them last winter. Time to break out the sweater comb! Do not let this tiny little widget scare you. Its probably one of the coolest inventions to help freshen up those sweaters.  A multi-fabric sweater comb can be used on knitted sweaters, bed sheets, table linens and other household fabrics that accumulate fuzz and lint. This comb is not to be used on cashmere as there is a specific comb for the more luxurious fabrics.

Its lightweight and super easy to use. Check out these step by step instructions!

Step 1

Lay your garment out on a flat surface.

Step 2

Smooth out the wrinkles and pull the fabric taut.

Step 3

Using a multi fabric comb, hold comb in dominant hand tilt comb forward slightly. Comb in short repeating strokes.

Step 4

Clear the comb of any pills or fuzz.




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