How To Tie the Nicky Knot Tie

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The versatile Nicky tie knot was named after the Middle Eastern tie maker Nicky and was invented by Ernesto Curami. Though initially less known outside Italy, it gained wide recognition after being rediscovered by David Kelsall who reported it as an improvement over the Pratt knot in The Sunday Telegraph in 1991.

The Nicky knot is a fuller, more asymmetrical knot that works well with wider collars. It also works well with thin tie, medium tie and a thick tie. It’s very simple and almost anyone can do it. It’s a great knot for those ties that may be shorter in your closet.

Lets get started…

Start by wrapping the tie around your neck with its seam side up for both the thin and wide ends. The thinner end should be about a hand and a half above the waistband before starting with the first step.

1. Lay the thinner end of the tie over the wider end.

2. Insert the wider end into the loop.

3. Bring it out sideways and pass it to the left.

4. Take it around and insert into the big loop.

5. Bring it out downwards through the final wrap.

6. Holding the thin end pull up the knot to tighten.

Find out how to tie full windsor here.

nicky not necktie

Photo Source: Howcast

A few tips…

1. In the last step be careful about forming the small dimple at the center just below the knot for a classy finish.

2. Choose medium spread to slightly cutaway collars for the best looks of the tie.

3. Avoid pairing it with a widely spread collar since it reveals the loop of the tie from the sides that is undesirable.

4. It suits thin, medium-thick and thick ties.


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