How to make your own Maternity Jeans for under $7 (DIY)

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Maternity jeans can cost upwards of $50 to $100, and let’s face it no one really wants to spend that much on one piece in their (temporary) maternity wardrobe! But what if I told you that you could make your own for under $7 and it only takes 15-20 minutes? Yes please!

With just a few supplies and an old pair of jeans from your closet you can easily make your own! Here are step by step instructions on how to turn your old jeans into your very own maternity pair.


  • Old pair of jeans that fit in the hip area, or even a pair that may be a size bigger then you normally wear (pre-pregnancy).
  • fabric scissors
  • 1-2 yards of 3-inch wide black elastic. Here’s a link to the one I purchased from JoAnne’s fabrics. Make sure to use a 40% off coupon.
  • a sewing needle (or sewing machine if you have one)
  • thread
  • straight pins


1. Starting at the top of the waistband, cut along the side seam and cut out the pocket of your jean. Now repeat on other side.

2. Next, you’re going to measure your elastic. Take double the length of the pocket you just cut out.

3. Add your elastic. Line up the top of elastic with the top of your waistband on your jeans. Make sure that the sides overlap just a bit.

4. Pin the elastic in place with straight pins.

5. Take your needle and thread, start at top of the waistband and sew your way around on both sides. You can do a basic running stitch. Don’t worry… it doesn’t need to be pretty because no one is going to see them!

BTW… These are not only great during pregnancy, but also post-pregnancy as well!


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