The Best Kept Secrets to Removing Pills on Clothes

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Fall is officially here! It’s that time of the year to break out the turtleneck sweaters, cashmere gloves and scarves, and woolen throw blankets. We all enjoy wearing these cozy and warm fabrics that we continue to wear them multiple times until they are covered with those pesky pills! Nobody has time for that when its chilly outside!

Pills are caused by wearing rather then washing!! I know…I know…. you’ve been told otherwise! But that is not the case.  Pills appear on fabric when groups of short or broken fibers on the surface of the fabric become tangled together in a tiny knot or ball. The pills form due to rubbing or abrasion during normal wear and use. Most pills form under the arms of clothes, around the collar and cuffs of a shirt, and between the thighs and rear of pants. Honestly it can really happen anywhere though!

There are some types of fabrics that are more prone to pilling. Knitted fabrics tend to peal more than woven fabrics because the threads are looser. Silk and linen (which are made of long fibers) tend to pill less than cotton, wool, polyesters and other synthetic threads.

So how do we remove these tiny little annoyances without ruining our clothing…

Secret 1: The Sweater Comb

Sweater Combs are probably the most effective way to get rid of these pesky little balls is a fabric comb. This inexpensive little gadget will pull the knotted fibers away from the surface of the garment making old sweaters look new again. Comfy Clothiers makes a combo pack, one that is specifically for cashmere and fine wools and the other is made for all other fabric types. It removes fuzz, pills and lint! The plastic comb pack is $12.95 while the cedar pack is $14.95.

Secret 2: The Sweater Stone

Stones that are made from natural pumice are another great option to removing unwanted pills. Dritz Clothing Care makes a stone that cost less then $11. It’s very versatile in that it allows use on wide range of fabrics, including furniture and polar fleece. Ideally, they are great for heavier woolens, thick gauge yarns and upholstery. Pumice is known to break off into the fabrics so you must be extra careful when using.

Secret 3: The Fabric Shaver

An electric shaver like this one from BEAUTURAL can also do the trick! With a $15 price tag it will remove fabric fluff, lint and pills from various garments and fabrics. You can also use it on sheets, pillows and other home items!

As always when using these products test them first on a “not so important article of clothing” like that Ugly Christmas Sweater from last year. I highly suggest using all of these on a flat surface as well. One of these is bound to bring new life into your clothes!



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