The Best Kids Morning Routine and Organization Hacks (Watch Video)

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Do your kids struggle with what to wear in the morning? Do they get anxious about choosing clothes? Its back to school time which means back to the crazy morning routine of choosing outfits, eating a quick breakfast, and brushing hair and teeth all before the bus arrives. My 8-year-old daughter and I usually have a battle of what to wear in the morning and it can get ugly! If you have an 8-year-old daughter, then you totally get what I’m saying. We have tried choosing the outfit the night before but most of the time we forget. I want to make this a more pleasurable and seamless experience for the both of us.

Sunday nights are for family dinners and rest before the grind of the daily week begins. This is a perfect time to decide on her outfits for the week. I plan on giving her most of the control in choosing. Together we will check out the weather for the week and choose appropriate outfits. I recently purchased this amazing product the Sagler Daily Activity Organizer off Amazon. It hangs in her closet and we can place each outfit including underwear and socks in each daily space. This easily saves me ten minutes in the morning discussing with her what she is going to wear. That is almost an hour a week you are saving not including Saturdays and Sundays. For around $17 this has been a lifesaver to her morning routine!

Handy Laundry daily activity kids organizer makes a boy version of this product.

If your child has a small closet or you hang all their clothes up then I have another suggestion for you. These foam door hangers are a perfect solution. You can buy alphabet foam stickers and make the days of the week on each door hanger. This is a fun and educational craft for your child. Place the foam door hanger over the hanger holding the item that child wants to wear on that particular day. So easy and simple!

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