7 Organizational Gurus and Their Best Tips (Watch Video)

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Are you ready to Spring clean your home? Or does the thought totally terrify you? It can be difficult to know exactly where to begin. Well, don’t get frustrated just yet! Professional organizers have become a hot topic these days especially with Netflix’s new series “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo.

Everyone seems to be saying “thank you” and “goodbye” to clothes they no longer need. This got me thinking?! How many organizational bloggers and professionals are out there to help? In my research, I discovered there are TONS however these select few all have different and unique ways. I’ve put together a list of organizational influencers (and their overarching philosophy on organization) that will have you on your feet with a plan in place!

Guru #1 – Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo otherwise known as Konmari is the star of the hit Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Kondo’s method of organizing is known as the KonMari method and consists of gathering together all of one’s belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy” and choosing a place for everything from then on. Check out Happy DIY Home’s KonMari Method Checklist for more information on the 6 basic rules.

Philosophy: “Discard everything that does not spark joy.”– Marie Kondo

Best Organizational Tip: Do it all at once. Tidy a little bit at a time and you’ll be tidying forever! Kondo recommends doing it once and get it over for good.

Gurus #2 – Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin

Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin are the professional organizers behind The Home Edit. Their goal in starting The Home Edit was to reinvent traditional organizing and merge it with design and interior styling. They were just recently featured on “The Today Show” organizing Hoda Kotb’s closet. Their blog will not only make you outright laugh, nod your head “yes” numerous times to organizational mishaps you make but provide you with fun, bright (they love color) tools to better organize your home. Visit their blog here.

Philosophy: “Every single space has the potential to function and look beautiful at the same time.”

Best Organizing Tip: Organizing according to the rainbow helps create a playful and creative space for kids, and a stylized space for adults. Arrange the books, art supplies, toys, and pretend food by color, and you will not only have a pretty playroom, but your kids will automatically know where everything is stored.

Gurus #3 – Ashley Murphy & Molly Graves

Ashley Murphy & Molly Graves are the founders of the NEAT Method: a luxury home organizing company with locations across the country! They offer home organizing, virtual organizing (for those that don’t have a NEAT girl in their city) and moves and relocation organizing prep. They also offer a great blog you can read for tricks and tips! Check out the Neat Method here.

Philosophy: To help people find a new appreciation for an organized life.

Best Organizing Tip: If you’re stuck, start by setting a small goal, like tossing expired items found in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and closets.

Guru #4 – Becky Rapinchuk

Becky Rapinchuk is a cleaning expert and the founder of Clean Mama, which provides simple cleaning routines and natural cleaning products that is perfect for busy homes. Sort of going the opposite direction of Marie Kondo’s advice… Rapinchuk has created a cleaning routine that requires a little clean up every day to keep it more manageable and under 10-30 minutes. Her free printables are also very popular! Check out the Clean Mama free printables here.

Philosophy: Cleaning doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Best Organizing Tip: A clean home (most of the time) starts with 5 daily tasks…make beds, check floors, wipe counters, clutter and laundry. These are things you learn to do and start completing without thinking about doing them.

Guru #5 – Samantha Pregenzer

With over 186K followers on Instagram, Samantha Pregenzer must be doing something right! The founder of The Simply Organized Blog – started her blog as a means to at least write about and share the organization projects she was so passionate about. Not only is she a pro organizer but a handywoman, a garage expert…yes, I said garage expert…and Better Homes and Garden field editor. Check out Samantha Pregenzer’s website here.

Philosophy: “Think bigger than organizing solutions when trying to solve a small space problem.”

Best Organizing Tip: “As you declutter, keep a running list of items to replace. Hard brown sugar? Low on olive oil? Need a new baking soda box in the fridge anyone? Add it to the grocery list!”

Guru #6 – Helen Buttigieg

Helen Buttigieg is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of professional organization. She is a dedicated Life Coach and founder of We Organize U. She may be best recognized for her work on HGTVs “Neat” (which ran from 2004-2006) as the host. Check out her website here.

Philosophy: “When you have the time, space, and energy for what matters, your life is less overwhelming and more fulfilling.”

Best Organizing Tip: Before starting something new, spend five minutes putting away anything that is left out from the last project you worked on. This is a technique that teachers use to keep the classroom tidy and it works equally well at home.

Guru #7 – Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker is a writer that is inspiring others to live more by owning less. He is a best-selling author of The More of Less. Consistent with the minimalist philosophy, he argues that by owning less, organizing is naturally just easier. Indeed most professional organizers tend to agree that first, you have to reduce the volume and get rid of the junk, then organize the important items that are worth keeping. His blog “Becoming Minimalist” attracts hundreds of thousands of readers. Find his website here.

Philosophy: “We are dedicated to rational minimalism and discovering what that uniquely means for us”.

Best Organizing Tip: Place junk mail immediately into the recycling bin.

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