6 Combinations of Matching Colors with Teal

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Color arrangements can be bold and beautiful, fun and spunky, or solid and mature with the right combinations and tones.  While it’s one of the nicer colors on the spectrum, teal can be a little challenging when coordinating outfits but it’s definitely a game changer if you pair it with the right supporting cast of colors.  So, what colors would make the cut?  Here a few examples of what you can pair with teal to make some fun or some bold looks to hit the town in!


Combo #1 – Teal and Gray


While both can flirt with sophistication gray guarantees it while teal leaves room to be the fun one in the relationship.  The gray will allow the teal to stand out and be the outspoken one in the pair but without being the loudest one in the room.  A subtle outburst from a tamed tongue if you will.  Together, they bring contemporary, chic, energetic and calm for a cool casual look on a night out or office arrangement for a modern office look!


Combo #2 – Teal and Coral

While this arrangement definitely has the upper hand on boldness its also the one that can be toxic if one is not careful.  While it says playful and sophisticated it is definitely easier to pull off the playful than the more serious vibe.  In this combo the teal becomes the strong tranquil grown up while the coral brings equal warmth but high energy vibes of cheerful and fun!  This one is definitely the trendier beach or summer look but it can bring some spring magic and boost your interior décor as well.


Combo #3 – Teal and Navy


Ok, so now it’s definitely time to bring it down a notch but not to the point of having no fun!  This couple can be business professional with darker blues highlighting teal accent pieces or it can rev up with monochromatic blends that land eyes slowly but effectively leaving a lasting impression.  With no lack in depth and foundational tone this pair screams seriously modern chic with a splash of let’s get down to business!


Combo #4 – Teal and Pink(ish)


Pink as defined with a more welcoming teal pairing would be closer to the neighborhood of a rose color or wash warm pink tone versus a hot pink or loud pink look.  The warmer tones of pink are definitely safer to pair with variations of teal.  This is especially true for the wash look or pastel color scheme which creates a very relaxing summer look.  This duo is definitely the more romantic pair out of the bunch with a softer, romantic yet charming feminine look.


Combo #5 – Teal and Gold

There is a sense of upper-class sophistication or royalty that exudes from this lovely pairing of unique colors. Gold’s rich and eye-popping glow splashes off of the deeper solid tone of the teal making it a fan favorite for décor related to various events from weddings and baby dedications (especially gender neutral or mixed gender twins) to more luxurious soirees with elegant majesty!


Combo #6 – Teal and Khaki (cream)


Not to be outdone, we have saved what some may consider “the best” for last.  One of the safest combinations of all the above is the soft and somber mix of teal and khaki or cream color.  While this is the quieter combo is also still a very excellent choice in providing a richly satisfying aura of warmth, class, style and elegance depending on the attire itself (shorts, linen pants, khakis with a polo etc.).  This couple also brings instant warmth and comfort to cozy spaces such as bathroom and bedroom décor!

While matching specific colors such as teal can be challenging at times, it is nice to know that we have a wide variety of choices that can deliver just about any message we want our clothes to deliver.  Not all pairing of colors work for sure but knowing that particular blends make for beautiful relationships gives us a leg up on all things trendy and stylish!  May all your wardrobe adventures lead to vibrant expressions of versatility and elegance!



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