6 Wardrobe Resolutions to Start the New Year off Right

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Have you chosen a New Year resolution yet? Most of us pick New Year resolutions and never follow through. I’ve come up with a few that I like to call “wardrobe resolutions” that are super easy to start you off right in the New Year! Getting your wardrobe organized can be very therapeutic. I mean who doesn’t love a clean and organized closet?

1. Clean Out Your Sock and Undergarment Drawer

Socks with holes or a missing pair need to go! Many of us are guilty of wearing socks until the very end of their lifespan. It’s just not necessary. Throw them out and go buy yourself a pack socks from any big box store or Amazon.

Same goes with bras and undies. Our bodies (women) change all the time. You should be getting fitted yearly for new bras. Wearing the proper size bra will help provide support and comfort. It can be life-changing!

2. Get Rid of Clothes you No Longer Wear

Go through your closet and pull out clothes you that you either no longer wear or no longer fit you. If they are in good used condition, then you can drop them off at your local women’s or men’s shelter. Not only are you helping others but starting off the New Year doing a good deed!


If items are dirty or completely worn then most likely no one else is going to want to wear that item. It needs to go in the trash!

3. When you buy something, get rid of another item

Doing this will help decrease your clutter! Obviously if you are buying something new then most likely there is something in your closet that you no longer wear or even like. This will help keep your closet and drawers organized and clean.

4. Know Your Wardrobe

Don’t go out and a buy a black shirt when you already have three of them in your closet. Knowing exactly what you have will eliminate you spending extra money on items that you don’t need.

5. Don’t buy something to wear only once!

We have all been guilty of doing this one time or another! Whether it’s a wedding or special event we usually want something new to wear. Just make sure that it’s an item that you will have the opportunity to wear again. It would be a shame to spend a lot on something and only wear it once.

BONUS #6 – Don’t Underestimate a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is lifesaving for many! A 15-piece wardrobe can save you money, time and unnecessary stress. If you struggle with what to wear in the mornings and it’s causing you anxiety, then I highly suggest looking into a capsule wardrobe.



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