19 Fabulous Shoe Hacks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

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Ever wondered how to fix those slippery soles, polish up your white sneakers, stretch tight heels, or even make those stilettos more bearable to wear?  Well, this is the list for you! These at home products will do all this and more!

  1. Make walking in heals more bearable by taping your middle and fourth toes together. This will relieve pressure on a sensitive nerve in your foot.


  1. Scrub off scuffs on sneakers with an eraser or toothpaste.


  1. Did your leather shoes get wet in the rain? Fill them with crumpled newspaper as soon as you get home to absorb the moisture.


  1. Wearing heels outdoors? Add a heal protector to prevent your stilettos from sinking in the grass. These are perfect for those outdoor weddings you will be attending this Summer.


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  1. Do your sneakers smell gross after working out? Put tea bags in them to absorb all those smelly fumes!


  1. Or use dryer sheets to get out all those nasty smells.


  1. Add a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to your home essential kit today! This is perfect to use on your White Converses or white tennis shoes.


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  1. Lip balm as a blister balm. Yes, you heard me right. Rub directly on the area that is prone to blisters before you head out! FYI just make sure you have two sets…one for your feet and one for your lips!


  1. Tight shoes? Stretch them by placing them in the freezer.


  1. Bread will remove dirt stains from suede shoes. Who would have thunk it?


  1. Keep your boots looking good by using pool noodles to keep them upright.


  1. Losing the tip of your heel can be a total pain especially if you’re at work. Add a Quick Tip heel cap to your purse just in case this happens!

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  1. Sandpaper the soles of your shoes for better traction!


  1. Squeaky shoes? Sprinkle some baby powder underneath the inner sole of your shoe.


  1. Slipping and sliding in your heels? Add a DIY inner sole inside. Choose a thicker, non-silky fabric for extra grip.


  1. Tight toes in heels! Add a Ziploc bag of water to the toe and place in the freezer to loosen it up!


  1. Keep your feet dry by waterproofing your cloth Toms before wearing them.


  1. Save Your Soles with Gel Arch Inserts. These are specifically for people who wear flats.


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  1. And probably the most important…shoe shop in the afternoon. Our feet can swell up half a size bigger by the end of the day!


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