13 Ways to Create the Closet of Your Dreams (Watch Video)

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Is your bedroom closet a mess? Are you always searching for that favorite top you like to wear? Then you end up finding it tucked into the corner. Well, its time to get organized and turn that sad closet into your dream closet!

There are so many neat tools and products on the market to help. You don’t have to hire a custom closet organizer to do it for you! You can easily do this yourself. I’ll be honest though, it’s going to take some decision-making on your part. Not everything needs to stay, especially those jeans you haven’t worn since high school.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1 – Invest in Good Shelving

Shelving can be a bit intimidating! There are many options and it’s hard to choose exactly what you need. You want quality shelving that won’t bend or buckle under some weight, but also something that ideally is reconfigurable over time. I suggest measuring your space and go from there! This adjustable closet organizer from ClosetMaid would be a good go to.

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2 – Storage Bins with Labels

This a great way to store hats, winter wear, socks, or items that don’t always have a place in your closet. You can also stack the bins and generally fit more in a given space than if you just try and pile things up. I happen to like the bins that come with labels! You can easily see what’s inside the bin on the top shelf when its labeled – no more digging!

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3 – Space Saving Hangers

Do you have about a thousand plastic hangers? Or even worse all those metal hangers from the dry cleaner! Ditch those now. There are so many different types of space saving hangers on the market. I love these black chic velvet non slip hangers. Not only do they look good, but they free up to 50% more space! They shoulder line is also contoured to help preserve your clothes shape.

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4 – The Scarf Organizer

Scarves are like purses…they continue to accumulate and take up space. My favorite is the Marcus Mayfield Scarf and Tie Hanger. It holds over two dozen of your favorite scarves, pashminas, wraps or shawls. It doesn’t have any sharp edges or metal joints to cause snagging either! This product saves on space and provides amazing organization!

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5 – Tie Hanger

Does your hubby have all his ties hanging on one hanger? Or better yet are they all over the floor! Then it’s time to invest in a tie a rack holder. This 20-rack holder is under $10 and will showcase your beautiful expensive ties. While you’re at it organize them by color!

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6 – Jewelry Organizer

I have way too many earrings and bracelets to count! This piece of jewelry heaven gives you 80 transparent pockets (40 on each side) to place your jewelry in so you won’t waste time looking! I place all my hoops together on one row and color coordinate the rest. You could do silver settings on one side and then gold on the other. Whatever works best for you! At least they are all in one place. 😊

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7 – Clear Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

The more “stuff” you can get OFF THE FLOOR of your closet the tidier it will stay. The over the door hanging shoe organizer has been around a long time. It’s a great way to organize your flat, sneakers and sandals plus get them out of the way by hanging on the inside of your closet door. Now if you’re like me you’re probably going to need two of these! Hopefully, you have two doors to your closet, or you could always use your bathroom door.

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8 – Hanging Boot Storage

Not sure what to do with your boots? This clear organizer holds three pairs of boots. It has a 360-degree swivel hook that can hang on any standard rod. Again, it gets your shoes off the floor providing a cleaner area.

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9 – Acrylic Shelf Dividers

These are perfect for showcasing your more expensive purse collection. The dividers go in between each purse to help them stay organized and stand upright.

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10 – Get Rid of What You Don’t Wear

If you haven’t worn in it the last 2 years it needs to go! There are so many ways to donate clothing. Check out your local shelters or churches to see if there is a need. You may even qualify for a charitable tax deduction. If you think you have some nice pieces, then head over to a local consignment shop. You could easily make a few bucks off clothes just sitting in your closet!

11 – Rework Your Closet

Now that you have added organizational tools to your closet, it’s time to put everything in place! Most stylists recommend organizing one of two ways! By color or by type.

  • Organize clothes by color: Hang pants, shirts, skirts, sweaters, basically everything, by color. You’ll be able to visually recognize the colors you like best and notice if you’re lacking certain pops of color.
  • Organize clothes by type: Hang all your pants together, shirts together, sweaters together, dresses together, and skirts together. Then organize each group by color. You could also do “by function” which is another way to categorize by type – so maybe work clothes vs. casual clothes vs. exercise clothes.

12 – Add a Pop of Color!

Color makes everything better! Splash (not literally– haha) some color on the walls. It could be a soft color to give you peace or tranquility or maybe you’re a louder spirit and a bolder brighter color is your go-to! Whatever color you choose make sure that its one that makes you happy! Your closet is YOUR SPACE and not generally a gathering place for company, so this is all about what you personally like.

13 – Personalize the Space

I’ve already mentioned that you could add paint to your closet but there are many other ways to make that space extra special! Adding a chandelier, a long mirror, a rug, crown molding or even a vanity are all ways to take it up a notch. Have cabinets? Consider using a few glass doors behind which you can showcase your favorite shoes or purses. Most of us don’t have 400 sq. feet of closet space. If you’re looking to simply create better light in a space that doesn’t allow for much innovation, try using ribbon lighting along your hanging rods in addition to a general ceiling fixture. If you have cabinet doors, try wiring the lights to be on automatic switches so lights turn on automatically when you open the doors.

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