11 Kid-Friendly Organization Products Every Parent and Kid Needs Today (Watch Video)

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Are you constantly cleaning up your kid’s mess? What if I told you with a few kid-friendly products added to their closets and rooms that your son or daughter could do it themselves? Sign me up NOW! Just the thought of this makes me want to do the happy dance! There are some super cool products out there that are easy for kids to organize and to help them clean up their own messes. This will free up time for you to complete other items on your to do list but its teaching your children the importance of organization and responsibility. This is a definite win in my household! Check out these kid friendly products that will do just that!

1. Kid Hangers

Little hands call for smaller hangers! These hangers by Sharpty come in a 20 pack or 60 pack. I suggest buying the 60 pack because you get more bang for your buck! I specifically love these because they come with built in shoulder grooves which keeps the clothes from falling off the hanger and onto the floor. Kids will easily be able to hang up their own clothes in their closet. (use first photo)

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2. Double Hang Closet Rod

This product is genius! The double closet rod attaches to your current rod and adds two times the hanging space. The height is adjustable which allows kids to easily reach the rod to hang clothes. I specifically like this one for children because it attaches to the current rod with a nylon strap making it hard to fall off plus easy to adjust the height by pulling the straps. Plus, this is a great product if you’re on the shorter side (like me 😊). (Use 2nd photo)

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3. Kid Closet Dividers

By the time your child can start helping put their clothes away more than likely they will be learning to read as well! These closet dividers help keep the closet in good order making it easy for you and your child to find the right size or type of clothing you want to wear that day. They come in all kinds such as pre-made baby sizes or more decorative ones that suit your individual style. The ones I’m showcasing come in 8 different colors plus you or child can specifically write what you want them to say whether it’s a size or type such as dresses or pants. Whatever you choose make sure your child helps! (Use picture with mom helping girl)

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4. Cubby Shoe Organizer

Kids love cubbies! There great to use for small hands plus shoes don’t fall out of them easily. The cubby shoe organizer is the perfect product for small shoes. This can either go in their closet (if you have the room) or wherever you take your shoes off. Kids can easily place both shoes in one cubby (depending upon size) allowing up to 30 pairs of shoes in this specific organizer. Yay for getting shoes off the floor so you can stop tripping on them! Not to mention this is great place for them to store other things such as small toys. (use third photo)

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5. Storage Bins With Labels

If you have kids more than likely you already have these in your home, but I bet they don’t have labels! This set of eight are multi-functional and easy for kids to use. They can hold clothes, toys, nursery items and many more. This bin comes with 10 labels so you can categorize your belongings more efficiently! Kids will easily know what item goes in each bin. These are designed to fit perfectly in most cube organizers. Bonus they are eco-friendly! (first photo)

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6. Large Cubical Organizer

You are going to need a place for those storage bins to go! ClosetMaid makes an eight-cube organizer that can be placed vertical or horizontal depending on your closet size. I prefer horizontal so that the kids can easily reach the second level of bins. I also get nervous that the storage cubical could fall if horizontal, so we attach ours to the wall. Check out this link for ways to attach and keep your kids safe if you are going to do horizontal Watch Video Here. This would be a great and cheaper option then using a dresser and if it fits in your closet then it provides more space for a play area in their bedroom.

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7. Dresser Clothing Organizing Decals

Now why didn’t I think of this?? This is perfect for toddlers who are in the early stages of learning or even older kids who forget what drawer they put their socks. The decal shows a picture of the clothing or accessories plus the name of the item. It’s a great way for little ones to learn articles of clothing plus learn how to read the word. They have them for boys and girls clothing plus accessories such as scarves, bags, hats, etc. They easily stick to most flat surfaces including mirrors. Your kids will be putting their own clothes away before you know it! (use a picture for boys and girls)

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8. Shirt Folding Board

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t need a board to fold clothes.” This simple kid friendly board folds clothes in less then 5 seconds. This board by BOXLEGEND will have your little one excited to help and it will also get those three loads of laundry done much quicker! For under $15 it will save you energy and give you some QT will your little one. Check out this cute video that BOXLEGEND put together of mother and child folding!

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9. Buddy Wall Hooks

These cool fun wall hooks feature Umbra’s popular Buddy character. They are designed to be “climbing the walls” in various positions. They are super functional and can hold a variety of items such as kid’s scarves, backpacks, hats, belts, and bathrobes. Kids can easily get a little giggle and place their items on Buddy’s head, arms and legs. These are great for kids of all ages! Umba’s three pack will run around $20 which is cheaper then buying a coat hanger. (Use third picture)

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10. Kids Basketball Door Hamper

Make laundry cleanup fun by turning a boring old chore into a fun game where your kids clean up their own mess. This product from Kleeger comes ready right out of the box for you to simply hang it on your door and slide it in. It combines laundry and basketball for boys and girls of all ages. The bottom easily unzips dropping all your child’s clothes into the hamper. (Use third photo)

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11. Elfa Kids Playroom Door and Wall Rack

Now this is my favorite item of all! Only found at The Container Store, this does a fantastic job by making the most of the often-wasted space on the inside of a child’s closet door. It comes with four baskets that can easily be repositioned as your child grows. I personally like this product compared to other door hangers because it’s attached to the door instead of using over-the-door hangers. This way the rack can’t fall off and onto your child. This item is a hefty investment but a good one! It can be used for years as your child grows and most importantly its safe.

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