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Does Cashmere Shrink?

Does Cashmere Shrink?

Yes, cashmere does shrink, or the more apt answer to that would be, yes, it CAN shrink. With the right knowledge and care, we can safeguard our cherished cashmere pieces. In this post, we examine the reasons why cashmere shrinks, offering insights into the fabric's...

7 Steps to Getting Chapstick OUT of your Clothes

A good chapstick can be a saving grace and many people often keep a tube on their person either in a pant pocket, in a purse, a jacket or coat pocket.  While this is convenient it also makes it possible for it to produce stains.  Here are 7 steps to removing a stain...

How to get gas or diesel fuel out of your clothes

Unfortunately, if you drive a vehicle or work with some type of heavy machinery than hazardous fuels are an everyday part of your natural function which means spills are possible.  This is why knowing how to properly get those fuel stains such as diesel or gas out of...

How To Clean Leather Boots

How To Clean Leather Boots

Most of us wear leather boots during some time throughout the year depending on where you live. Whether you are wearing them as a fashion statement or because it’s a necessity for your job they will most likely get dirty. Most leather can be cleaned with leather soaps...

How To Use A Cashmere Comb

How To Use A Cashmere Comb   Cashmere is a luxurious fabric that must be maintained very carefully. Did you know that maintaining your cashmere sweaters involves more than just washing? Using a cashmere sweater comb or brush can work wonders in keeping them...

How to use a Sweater Comb

How to use a Sweater Comb It’s that time to break out your cashmere or knitted sweaters from last year to embrace the colder weather! If you’re like me this is exciting for you because its like having a whole new wardrobe again. Sweaters that we haven’t seen in...