Hangers, we all have them in our closets. Most of us have the free ones you get from your local dry cleaners or the plastic ones you buy from your local big box store. Some of you may have the nice velvet or wooden ones that make your closet look more organized. All of these have one thing in common though. They all have the same shape that the clothes hanger has had for the past 100 years.

We now have more modern sleek living spaces which has resulted in closets changing dramatically in the past century. Did you know that there is a clothes hanger on the market that has evolved with our modern era? The Higher Hangers patented short neck design has changed the evolution of the clothes hanger.

Higher Hangers

The difference is that the hook of the hanger is closer to the top of clothes which raises the garment higher, freeing up more space below. You will discover new closet space that will, in turn, reduce clutter and a wrinkled wardrobe. In an average closet, this space-saving hanger will free up the equivalent space of 7 carry-on pieces of luggage or 48 shoes. Amazing!

Higher Hangers come in three different styles that are optimized for your preferences and garment types. The velvet slimline (nonslip) are most popular among women’s garments while the slippery finish of either the classic or slimline are most popular amongst men’s apparel.

No more clothes dragging along the ground and you may even be able to put a dresser beneath your top row of clothes. I can hear Marie Kondo saying now, “Yes this sparks joy!”



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