6 Shawls That Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

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Shawls have never gone out of style and honestly, I don’t think they ever will. They are a great accessory to add to almost any outfit. Whether you are wearing a bridesmaid dress or jeans and a t-shirt, there are many ways this sweet classic piece can jazz up your outfit. The shawl has become one of the most versatile accessories and its here to stay. I’ve come up with 8 different ways that you can add this chic piece to any outfit! Check them out.

1. The Bohemian Wrap

Whether you’re going to spending the day at an outdoor music festival or you just want to go for a more bohemian look for shopping and running errands around town, a pretty batik print shawl is a great way to add flair to your outfits. A lightweight shawl adds plenty of visual interest to your outfit, and you won’t feel suffocated in the way you might by a heavy coat. If the weather warms up, you can always fold your shawl into a long vertical strip of fabric and drape it over your shoulder, or tie it around your purse strap, depending on its size.

2. The Belted Shawl

Belting a shawl over your outfit is a great way to make sure your shape doesn’t get lost when you wear oversized trends, particularly if you have a curvy body. It’s a great way to upgrade all your outfits for work. A skinny belt works amazing to cinch in the fabric, without adding extra bulk.

3. Loose Knit Shawl for Warm Weather

Loose knit shawl are super versatile for wearing in the warmer months. When the nights get cooler its perfect for covering up those sun kissed arms. These look great with shorts, jumpsuits or even with your bathing suit.

4. The Loose Drape Shawl

A, long fringe shawl is perfect for draping over your casual outfits. Try adding a neutral colored shawl, such as the classic camel version pictured here, to all your weekend outfits in jeans and leggings, as a cozy top layer that can take the place of a jacket. Just pull it around your shoulders and wear it as you would a long cardigan. Perfect for brunching with friends or picking up the kiddos from school.

5. The Blanket Shaw

So many ways to wear this popular shawl! Just throw it over your shoulders and you’re good to go!

Fashion Tip- To get the most out of your look, pair it with big earrings, messy bun, and red lipstick!

6. The Bridesmaid Wrap

If you have ever been a bridesmaid then you know very well of the bridesmaid wrap. It’s the classic pashmina that comes in almost every color imaginable. This is a great way to dress up any cocktail or formal outfit for an evening out! All you do is simply wrap it around your arms. You can tie it in a knot or wear loosely over your shoulders.

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