How To Use A Cashmere Comb

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Did you know there is a certain type of comb that you use on a your cashmere sweaters to remove the pills? Cashmere is a luxurious fabric that must be maintained very carefully.  You will want to use a comb that is specifically made to use on cashmere.

This cashmere comb by Comfy Clothiers will definitely do the trick! Do not let this tiny little widget scare you. Its probably one of the coolest inventions to help freshen up those sweaters. Its lightweight and super easy to use.

Check out these step by step instructions on how to properly use your cashmere sweater comb!

Step 1

Lay your garment out on a flat surface.

Step 2

Smooth out the wrinkles and pull the fabric taut.

Step 3

If using a cashmere comb, hold the comb in the dominant hand at a 90-degree angle. Comb in short, repeating strokes.

Step 4

Clear the comb of any pills or fuzz.


Cleaning Cashmere

If you would like to learn how to wash your cashmere sweaters, we have an awesome tutorial here.



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