How to Tie a Four-In-Hand Knot Necktie for Someone Else (Watch Video)

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The Four-in-Hand is the most popular necktie in the Western world. Every man should learn how to do this knot first because of its simplicity and versatility. If you only learn one knot, make it the Four-in-Hand.

This knot derives its name from the four-horse carriage. The knot resembles the way the carriage driver would knot his reins thus keeping four horses in hand or four in hand. It was popularized by the Four In Hand driving club in London which was founded in 1856 for the purpose of ‘recreational carriage driving’. The Four In Hand Club is no more (there’s no longer a lot of call for carriage-driving) but this simple knot lives on and is as popular as ever.

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This knot is also referred to as “the schoolboy knot” because it’s simple and easy to master. Its best suited for narrow spread shirts and smart casual events.

1. Start with the wide end of the tie on the right and the small end on the left. Begin with the small end slightly above your belly-button (will vary depending on your height and the length & thickness of your tie). Only move the active (wide) end.

2. Wide end over the small end to the left.

3. Under the small end and to the right

4. Across the front and to the left

5. Up into the neck loop from underneath

6. Down through the loop you’ve just made in the front.

7. Tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Slide the knot up & adjust.

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