How to Reduce Static Cling Naturally: 7 Shocking Ways (Watch Video)

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It’s that time of the year when you feel like no matter what you do you are constantly getting sparked by static. Whether its when clothes are coming out of the dryer or when you are pulling that sweater over your head it’s just so annoying. Well, there are a few natural ways to reduce that static cling without all the harsh chemicals! These will be sure to keep your hair from flying high these winter months.

1. Hang Your Clothes to Dry

The BEST natural way to eliminate static in your laundry is to hang dry everything. It’s obviously easier to dry clothes outside in warmer weather but even hanging them in the cold season is beneficial. When clothes are hung to dry, they are no longer rubbing together creating that static electricity we all can’t stand.

You have many options when hang drying your clothes. You can make your own clothesline outside or you can use a larger or small drying rack inside.

2. Reduce Drying Time

Over-drying your garments is a common cause of static. When items are completely dry, and no moisture remains then static electricity starts to form. Excessive tumbling around in the dry heat increases energy cost plus static cling! Neither I like.

3. Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls absorb moisture from clothing in the dryer, maintaining a more humid environment, thus helping you get rid of static cling!

4. Vinegar Fabric Softener

Homemade vinegar fabric softener serves both fighting static cling plus making clothes soft. When used in your rinse cycle of the wash, most people see a reduction in static cling after the clothes come out of the dryer. Plus, you won’t have to worry about clothes smelling like vinegar whether you hang dry or use your dryer because once clothes are completely dry the vinegar smell with completely vanish.

 5. Dry Synthetic Fabrics Naturally

Drying synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester separately will avoid static on all your other clothing. I suggest pulling synthetic fibers out of the wash and hanging them on an indoor or outdoor rack instead of throwing them in the wash.

6. Vinegar in the Dryer

Simply spray a clean washcloth, sock, pre-cut piece of cloth, or any other garment with vinegar. Toss this item into the dryer with everything else! The vinegar in the dyer will keep static down plus the smell of vinegar will be done once the items are dry.

7. Aluminum Foil Ball

To use, simply tear off a sheet of aluminum foil, roll into a ball, and add it to dryer. The same ball will last several loads and will become a nice, smooth ball after 1-2 loads. Replace when this happens. I recommend trying the others first as this one is not as efficient.

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