How To Fold Socks – 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Socks Last Longer (Watch Video)

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If you’re like me then I’m sure you have been folding your socks they exact same way all your life. Well, what if I told you that its probably the wrong way? Socks can be quite expensive and folding them the correct way can provide your socks with longevity and protection. Using the elastic cuff as a mechanism for holding the pair together definitely needs to stop immediately. You want to protect the elastic on a dress sock by not using the elastic top to hold the two socks together so it can give you many more years of wear. Now, there are different ways to fold your dress sock compared to your athletic sock or the every popular no-show socks.

I have 3 different types of folds that I want to show you. One for each type of sock. Now these ways will work on men, women and kid socks. Let’s get started!

Dress Socks:

I love the KonMari Method for dress socks. The Kon Mari method comes from the great Marie Kondo. It helps save the elastic top of your dress sock that so easily becomes loose after folding.

1. First you will want to place the socks together.

2. Next fold into thirds.

3. Then place upright in your drawer with the socks standing on their edge like a teepee. This allows the elastic to not stretch plus you can display your socks orderly. It will be easy to pick which dress sock you will want to wear that day!

Athletic Socks:

The Roll and Tuck should be your go to for all your athletic socks. You can still use the KonMari method but its not as easy since most athletic socks are not as long. The roll and tuck will hold both socks together but just using one of the cuffs instead of your old way of two.

1. Lay both socks on a flat surface on top of each other.

2. Fold the top cuff about 1 inch toward the middle.

3. Start from the foot of sock and roll toward the top.

4. Once your reach the cuff tuck in rolled part.

No Show Socks:

These are by far my favorite sock so when I lose one, I get super frustrated. Tucking one into the other has helped me keep track of them much better. It takes all a few seconds to do and helps keep those small socks together.

1. Make sure you are using two matching no show socks.

2. Take one of your no-show socks and put your hand all the way inside the socks.

3. Next take that sock and push it inside the other sock. There is no folding in this technique since the socks are so small.

4. Place them inside your drawer!

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