How to Avoid the Tight Waistband This Holiday Season So You Still Feel Comfy in Your Pants While Stuffing Yourself Silly

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 What is a Waist Extender and what can they do to actually help me?

A waist extender is a piece of fabric or a button that connects to your pants button or pants hook so it allows you to gain an extra inch or two in the waistband of your pants. It’s a temporary solution until you either gain more weight or lose weight. They’re way cheaper than buying a new pair of pants and come in lots of different fabrics and styles!

1. Black Elastic Pant Waist Extenders 

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When to Use a Pants Waist Extender

Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas, New Years, Football, natural bloating, pregnancy (1st trimester), and when you are in between pant sizes. Some people even claimed to use them when they carry a concealed handgun in their waistband.

2. Pants Extenders for Jeans & Denim with Buttons

What Are My Options When it Comes to Style and Type?

You won’t see them, but there are different styles to match the type of pants you’re wearing. They’re discreet. Elastic fabric, fabric without elastic, denim, hook & bar style for dress pants, plastic buttons. If you consider yourself a DIYer, check out our article for more ideas: DIY IT or BUY IT: 3 Easy DIY Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Jeans During Pregnancy.

3. Fabric Waist Button Extenders for Pants, Slacks, and Skirts

What Customers Say About These Pants Extender

“Gosh I love these things! My son is built a little stalky I guess. He usually has to wear relaxed jeans in his size or skinnies in the next size up and it’s hard to get something to actually fit right. So I buy his normal size that fits everywhere but his waste and then just use these beauties. Fits everything now and I don’t have to always buy basketball shorts and sweatpants.”-Angelina Briggs

“I am slender but occasionally clothing is made with the waist just a little tight although the garment fits perfectly everywhere else. These extenders are the answer. Well made and designed, they are elastic with a button one side and 3 incrementally spaced buttonholes so they align with your garment’s waistband, buttoning into place. Voila!! An all-new wardrobe for a very modest price! AND the manufacturer guarantees for life and even sends a letter after receipt to be sure all was received well and satisfaction guaranteed. The package contains 5. I love them!”- Maya McConnell

“Where has this been all my life? I’ve been wearing them for a few days now and they add so much comfort to my suit pants. I shared them with some of the guys in my office and they love them as well! Ordering another 5 pack now!”- Matt (Amazon Customer)

4. Fabric Hook & Clasp Waist Extenders for Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

Where to Buy Pants Waist Extenders

There are several places to buy waist extenders such as, Amazon, or Walmart. We recommend purchasing them from Amazon. Below, we’ve included some links so you can easily purchase the pants extenders that are best for you.

5. Comfy Deluxe Pants Waist Extenders (2 Standard Buttons & 1 Small Button)


6. Comfy Pants Bundle – 13 Pant Waist Extenders (3 Types) for Dress Pants, Khakis and Jeans

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