How to Store Your Summer Clothes the Right Way (Watch Video)

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Who isn’t ready for pumpkin lattes, changing leaves and boots? It’s that time of the year to reorganize the closet and make room for sweater weather. Time to put the tank tops, summer dresses, and flip flops away. I don’t know about you but I’m so excited! Now it may not be rocket science but there is a proper way to store your clothes during the change of seasons. It would be super easy to just throw them all in a box and toss it under your bed or up in your closet. However, those items are going to be sitting there for a few months and truth is a lot can happen in that time period. Moths, sun damage, permanently set wrinkles and even mold! YIKES!! With just a few steps all of this can be avoided, and your summer wardrobe will be fresh and ready for you when the warmer weather arrives again!

1. Time to reorganize!


I always say it’s a great time to get rid of any unwanted clothes or items you no longer use during the change of seasons! Let’s donate any articles of clothing that you didn’t wear during those Summer months. Large chance if you didn’t wear them in recent months you won’t be wearing them next year either! This will make storing easier as well. The less you have the less time it will take to reorganize. Don’t forget shoes either! If you have sandals that are looking extra yucky time to toss those too!

2. Launder Your Clothes


Consider washing all your Summer clothes prior to storing them! Even if they look clean you never know what could be on them. Pests are way more attracted to food and sweat then they are the actual fabric. Stains can also set and discolor your garment so making sure they are all nice and clean will only guarantee they are ready for next Summer’s wardrobe!

3. Invest in a Good Container!


This is SUPER important y’all…the right container can make or break your clothes! Do not use cardboard boxes for storing your clothes…I repeat…Do not use cardboard boxes for storing your clothes. Pests are attracted to the glue! Enough said. Go for the transparent plastic storage bins that fit right under your bed. Just make sure they have a tight-fitting lid.

These can be pricey so you could also opt for the collapsible storage bins. These are great for under bed, college dorm room and closets! They too keep pest, dust and moisture out. They are cheaper since they aren’t as durable as the plastic ones.


The right garment bag is also key! Throw any dry cleaner bag out immediately. Those will not do anything to save your clothes as they do not protect from moisture, thus creating mildew and mold. EEK! Go for ones that protect against moths, dust and water.

Your important summer dresses, skirts, and blouses will thank you!

4. Moth Prevention


I promise this is a real thing. They will make tiny holes in your clothing especially sweaters. They especially like clothes made of wool, fur, leather, and silk. So, when you to go to store your winter clothes this is an extra important step you do not want to miss. I 100% suggest doing this with your Summer wardrobe as well though. There are a few different ways you can prevent these critters from ruining your clothes.

• Cedar is a natural and environmentally friendly repellant and a great way to prevent unwanted pests. The natural fragrance effectively absorbs moisture and odor to keep your clothes fresh. Just place a few rings (5 to 10) on top of your clothes in the storage containers!

• Moth balls are another common product you can use! Just place them directly with clothing.


• Lavender scent sachets not only provide a calming aromatic smell, but they prevent moths as well. You can add them into your drawers, storage, suitcase and trash cans. This is another great natural way!



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