Most of us consider our shoes the most valuable items in our closet. I mean they do protect the two most important body parts in our order for us to be mobile. So, don’t you think we should properly take care of our shoes since they have such a big job? I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us don’t! Check out these ways to better extend the life of your shoes today.

1. Shoe Trees

Did you just go out and buy yourself a nice pair of Cole Hann oxfords for the workplace? Investing in shoe trees will not only help extend the life of your shoes but maintain the shape of the shoes. Most of these are made of cedar which helps deodorize the shoe. The aromatic cedar will absorb moisture from shoes and prevent cracking. All musts to prevent the shoe from aging!

2. Shoehorn

Have you ever heard of a shoe horn ? Well, I’ll be honest I have not until I started doing my research into shoes. Shoehorns have been a around a long time since the Renaissance era if you can believe that! Shoehorns allow you to put on or take off your favorite shoes without forcefully pulling on tugging on the shoe. When we do this, we cause the shoe to lose their shape, damages the heal seam and prematurely wears out the shaft. Shoehorns are also great for people with limited mobility. If you have arthritis, sciatica or just general aches and pains a shoehorn would be a great investment for you!

31 inch shoe horn by Comfy Clothiers

3. Shoe Shine Kit

Just because your shoes get a few scuff marks doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new pair! Add a Shoe Shine Kit to under your bathroom cabinet. A kit will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to give your shoes long-lasting shine and protection.

Kiwi Shoe Shining Kit

4. Shoe Protector Spray

Protecting our shoes from rain, salt stains, oil, grease, coffee, wine and anything else that could harm our leather shoes is a must! Apple Brand Shoe Protector Spray will provide an invisible seal to repel water and prevent stains, without compromising the breathability of the material. This product is also great for your wife’s expensive leather purses.

Shoe Protector Spray

5. Add A Rubber Sole

Before you wear your favorite shoes, ask your shoe cobbler to place a rubber sole on the bottom. Not only will the rubber protect the leather soles from damage, but it will also give you extra traction. A roughly $20 investment will prolong the life of your shoes!

6. Shoe Conditioning

Our shoes are exposed to the sun, heat, and moisture which can lead to a shorter lifespan for leather. Leather Honey, a conditioning leather specific cream will help prevent the color from fading plus softens, moisturizes and promotes flexibility.

Shoe Conditioner

7. Treating Suede Shoes

Suede has a soft grain that is best cleaned with a special brush. Suede is also sensitive to water so you will want to clean when the shoe is dry. Miscly Suede & Nubuck 4 Way Brush and Eraser will do just the trick to clean those suede boots, purses and even furniture!


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