7 Steps to Getting Chapstick OUT of your Clothes

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A good chapstick can be a saving grace and many people often keep a tube on their person either in a pant pocket, in a purse, a jacket or coat pocket.  While this is convenient it also makes it possible for it to produce stains.  Here are 7 steps to removing a stain in your clothes caused by chapstick.

Step 1 Identify the stain


Sounds pretty obvious I know but not as much as you would think.  Chapsticks can often be hard to detect in clothing because the stain could often be a clear looking residue.  Although clear looking could go unnoticed for the most part, it’s that point where light hits the stain just right that causes it to stand out and the embarrassment of such to creep in.  With this in mind, if it looks as if the chapstick has been damaged or has been exposed onto your articles of clothing you will want to check to see if it left a stain in or around that specific area (even if it’s in your pocket).


Step 2 Excess removal


When chapstick stains, it often leaves a thick film like residue that cakes up in different spots.  This calls for a scraping process best executed by a stiff but dull object, such as a butter knife or spoon, that can be used to gently scrape the excess chapstick off of your article or clothing.  This maneuver should be gentle enough to protect the clothing but thorough enough to remove all the excess layers of the initial stain so that only what has gotten deep into the fabric remains.


Step 3 Detergent time


Most would think the next step is straight to the washing machine.  And while that can be an option it may not be the best one.  Surprisingly to most, dishwashing liquid is a powerful weapon against oil-based stains similar to what we find in chapstick.  Here, we would apply a small amount of dish soap to the stain by gently rubbing it in with your fingers.  Once applied, allow it to sit for about 15 minutes so to help break down the oil and wax stain.


Step 4 Rinse and evaluate


Next you want to rinse the garment in the warmest water allowed for the cleaning of its material and check the status of the stain.  If the stain persists, then repeat steps 1 through 4 a few times.  If the stain is still visible you need to go to step 5!


Step 5 Apply stain remover


If a couple of rounds of steps 1 through 4 do not do the trick, then we must take it a step further by bringing in the heavy stain removing artillery.  Purchase and follow the instructions of a bottle of stain remover or some type stain lifting product.  There’s usually an application, soaking and rinsing process outlined for you to follow.

Here’s a list of stain removers that are around $20 or less:

Spray N’ Wash and Shout are household products that have been used for a long time to get stains out of clothes. Their reputation and branding are strong.  Puracy and Clean AF- Alkaline Formula are two newer products that can work as well.


Step 6 Now we wash


Once the stain remover has properly been applied, the next step is washing the garment in the warmest water suggested for the fabric itself.  Carefully follow washing instructions for your garment to prevent further damage to your articles of clothing.


Step 7 Air dry


After the machine-washing process is over DO NOT do as you normally would and toss the garment in the dryer.  This can make the stain worse, or even spread.  The proper thing to do would be to air dry the garment in a room temperature or cooler environment that is free from blowing dirt or debris that could further stain it.  If the stubborn stain is still visible, repeat steps 5 through 7 a few times.  If it’s still visible taking it to the professional cleaners may be the next and final straw!




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