5 Simple Steps to Convert a Bookcase Into a Closet for Your Little One (Watch Video)

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Do you have a small closet in your child’s room or better yet no closet at all? Well, with a little elbow grease you can easily convert a bookcase into your very own closet. This is also a great option if you plan on keeping your newborn in your bedroom for a few months before placing them in their own room. It’s larger than a diaper table and can hold clothing, blankets and other items your baby may need without you having to go back and forth to their room.

Now, if you don’t have a bookshelf to convert there is no need to go out and buy a new one. You can usually find bookshelves from your local Goodwill, thrift stores or even off Craigslist for cheap. You may even find one for free from someone looking to declutter. Once you have your bookcase you can paint it the color you want and even add a decorative adhesive vinyl to the back inside board of the shelf to match your room. This the one I’m using from Lowes. There are many options that you can find at your local Walmart or Target as well. This adds a nice touch to the bookcase!

Now, let’s get started! Here are step by step instructions on converting a bookshelf into a closet!

Step 1

Empty the bookcase out starting with a nice clean slate. Use a wet rag to get up any dust or dirt.

Step 2

Measure the space you will use for hanging clothes. Choose which bookshelves will stay and which ones you will remove. Make sure the clothes will be hung in an area that you can easily reach. Don’t forget to write down your measurements!

Step 3

Remove the bookshelves in the middle of the bookcase with a screw gun if they don’t come out on their own. I suggest leaving a shelf at the top and either one or two below. Store the extra shelves in the garage or under a bed so that you can convert your closet back into a shelf when you are ready.

Step 4

Purchase a tension rod to be used for hanging the clothes. Here is one I found from Lowes that will do the trick and it’s under $10. I found it in the plumbing department. It’s for a 27 to 40-inch space and holds up to 30 pounds. Place the rod where you can easily reach but also providing enough room for the clothes to hang nicely.

Step 5

The most important step is to attach this bookcase closet to the wall. Unfortunately, bookcases can also be dangerous for little ones. They can easily fall over and cause serious injury to a child. It’s extremely important to attach the bookcase to a wall to prevent the bookcase from falling. Check out this video on exactly how to do that to make your space safe!

All done! Time to Decorate!

Your bookcase closet should be complete, and you can start adding all your items! I suggest showcasing picture frames on the top shelf or any keepsake items that don’t need to be taken down daily since it’s the highest point of the bookcase and not easily reachable. You can now hang clothes to the rod and organize these by color or style. Place shoes, blankets, or toys on the lower shelves.

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