10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget

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Do you want to dress like a million bucks but don’t because you think you don’t have the money? Women don’t have to be rich to look expensive! There are numerous ways to look expensive without having to break the bank. The color you wear, the fit and proportion, and the accessories play a role in giving you the confidence you need to look and feel like a movie star!

Check out my tips to looking expensive and on a budget!

1. Go for a Monochrome Look

This means wearing all black or white. You can mix creams and white together as well. When we think of black, we think Coco Chanel. A black turtleneck paired with sleek black pants definitely gives off a powerful expensive feel.

2. Fit and Proportion

Make sure what you are wearing fits you. Whenever we wear items that don’t fit us then we look sloppy. Tailored items look much more expensive! Tucking it a top to show a waistline also helps.

3. Solids and Patterns

You have to be careful with loud and big patterns UNLESS you are wearing a high-end designer! Solids should be neutral such as camel, blacks, greys and whites. These colors give a chic and elegant look in turn making you look more expensive!

4. Dressing Modest

I’m not saying cover your whole body up but dressing appropriately gives us a much more put together and expensive vibe. For example, Kate Middleton dresses very modestly and is one of the highest fashion women in the magazines!

5. Keep Accessories to a Minimal

Finding a good pair of fake diamond earrings  can become your new best friend! No one can tell these days whether there real or fake. You leave people guessing and most of the time they will think they are real.

6. Take Care of Your Clothes

handheld steamera Rowenta iron, a really good lint roller , and a sweater comb need to become staple products you use frequently!


7. Wear a Pointy Flat or Heel

Women who wear a pointy flat or heel have a look that screams expensive! Black and nude are popular colors that go with everything!

8. Add a Third Piece

Adding a third piece to your outfit such as a crossbody bag, a faux fur vest or a jacket. Doing this gives you a more polished and complete look!


9. Makeup

A natural look is the way to go! You are beautiful without all the makeup plus being comfortable in your own skin gives you the power to exude confidance!

10. Throw on a pair of sunglasses

Somehow adding a pair of sunglasses to your oufit makes you look more important! And they don’t have to be designer to look expensive. Check out these super cute sunglasses for $13.88!!



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