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You want to look great at work and out on the town, but without ringing up huge debt or taking out a second mortgage. At Wardrobe Hackers, we believe you deserve to look fabulous without breaking the bank. Wardrobe Hackers is your guide to practical fashion tips, ideas, and outright hacks. Jeans a bit too tight? We’ve got a hack for that! Need a new tailored suit by tomorrow? We’ve got you covered.

From advice and ideas to product reviews, to awesome limited-time flash sales and discounts on your favorite clothing and accessories, let Wardrobe Hackers be your guide to all things related to practical fashion.

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Who Writes this Stuff?

Wardrobe Hackers owned by Net Focus Media, LLC, and is a sister-brand of Comfy Clothiers. Check out our disclosures page (https://wardrobehackers.com/disclosures/) for more on that. As per our authors and editors, here are some quick bios below:

Erin Camhi

Erin Camhi

Erin is a fashion enthusiast, all-around craftsy girl, marketer, and devoted mom. She’s been with Wardrobe Hackers since day 1, as the author and “star” of our very first blog post and Youtube video. Before joining Wardrobe Hackers, Erin had her own custom wreath-making business (Front Door Décor) and prior to that she managed key accounts with Enterprise. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, two young girls and a beagle that sheds (a lot)

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